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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Store

I just had to stick in here that Karsen officially has her after school job already set for her for high school. This week we closed on the store that Brandon has been working at and as of yesterday, we are the new official owners! We are very excited and thankful that it all worked out!

Report Card, Soccer and the Flu Formerly Known as Swine

Karsen got a PERFECT report card this week. We were so proud of her! She got to pick dinner Friday night which was McDonalds (ick!) and we watched the movie Bedtime Stories together as a family since leaving the house with the kids is out of the question right now...
Stupid Flu!
So I am sooooo trying not to panic over this stupid thing, but newborn baby + school age child + 2 parents with jobs that interact with people all day long = near panic. Especially since one of the girls I work with just had her doctor send her to the hospital to get her son tested for both influenza A and B. Ugh! Thank goodness she was away from work most of the week!!!
Soccer season ended last week and the girls really did great! Karsen scored once and had a terrific season! We are hoping to get to send her to a couple of soccer clinics this summer and are talking about this really cool week long golf camp. Her summer already sounds fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today Karsen had 2 bottom baby teeth removed and a frenectomy. That is where they cut the skin the holds the upper lip down. Karsen's came down between her front teeth so they cut it back and cut some more tissue that was holding her lip down... I had to look at the wall the whole time, it was pretty gross when they were cutting and stitching... She was so brave the whole time. She never cried once. I was so proud of what a great little patient she is!!
Now she gets to eat ice cream and pudding and stay in bed and watch tv all day!


Karsen had her first grade play on Thursday. They were all so cute. Here is a little clip from one of her little routines. Karsen is on the far right with the 2 french braids in front of the sign language teacher.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Karsen's Goal

Since Tate was home from the hospital, Karsen's #1 goal has been to be able to hold him standing up and walk with him. I have no idea why this is something that is so important to her but it is. She finally got to do it today. Here is proof that she reached her goal. Here she is holding Tate fresh out of the bath!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Karsen's #1 FAN!!!!

This was after Karsen's game on Saturday. The girls won with both teams only having 6 players each!!! His little onsie says GO KARSEN! and has #13 on the back. Brandon made it for him to wear to her games. Its cute!
Speaking of making shirts, Karsen had something kind of cool happen for her at school. Every year the school has field day and there are always t shirts for it. This year the school had a shirt design contest where the kids got to enter a design for the shirts. This year Karsen's picture won the back of the t shirt! The kids can wear any Stonewall Jackson t shirt including Field Day shirts to school on Fridays instead of their uniforms so this was pretty cool for her! She entered 2 so I can't wait to see which one of them won!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Soccer Seasons Starts Again!!

Karsen had her first soccer game of the season this past weekend. They played well, but sadly lost 3-2. Tate got to go on his first outing, not including the Dr. to cheer his big sister on. We're looking forward to another fun season!